Friday, December 3, 2010


Tomorrow is finally my end of year street dance showcase at Teatro Alfa, the one ive been waiting for since the beginning of the year. Im looking forward to the mgical weekend, like all the other past ones in which i have danced. It is my fifth year dancing at Company Ballet and i dont regret a single second of it.
Im gonna dance a very cool routine to the song Red Alert by Basement Jaxx and i hope everyone that comes to watch enjoys it. The whole show is filled with such a happy energy, full of really talented dancers from tap dance and street dance to classical ballet and contemporary dance. There isnt a specific theme for this year's presentation, but its the 10th year anniversary of Company Ballet, so its gonna be special. I really cant believe its actually here, tomorrow!!!
All the friends i made, all the magic of watching the other dancers, i amaze myself every time. Now that its here, i dont want it to end...
im thinking of starting to do jazz next year, as well as street dance, if i have time...
The bad thing is that this is never gonna repeat itself ever again; im never gonna dance with exactly the same people as i did.
I know that these dancing days will be forever etched in my memory, together with the ones to come.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fifth Member

I have recently discovered this new band, The Fifth Member from London by a friend who is friends with the band's drummer. Their first album, Insert Coins Here was launched today on Itunes, though i must admit, i already knew some o the songs.
I lisned to the whole album and she songs are so good sometimes i feel like crying when listening to them. I hope their band becomes a huge success, which i know they will because they are really talented. Their hard work payed off with the launch of their debut album, especially because they are kidds my age, about 15, 16.
I specifically love the songs: Eyes, Song for the Birds, If I Stay and Everybody's gotta go. Their music is exceptionally wonderful. The best of luck for them.

To listen to the songs:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Children's day

Here in Brazil, we have something called Children's Day, which is an excuse for school to give us hollidays, and for us to get presents from our parents who still think we are 10 year olds.
This year, Children's day was on a tuesday, and fortunately, my school gives us pupils the whole week off, unlike the brazilian schools who only have until wednesday off. So on tuesday, my father, my sister and I went to the park on our bycicles for a lovely lunch at the MAM, "Museu da Arte Moderna". The park was teribly crowded, but it was great to see such good energy around. We later went to the 29th Annual "Bienal de Arte", also in the park, to see the amazing exibhition being displayed.
Later at night, after coming back from dinner, we did something very out of the ordinary for my family: we played a board game. it was incredible how much I had fun, we were so amazingly intent in the game, that time flew past us, and next thing i know, its 2:30 in the morning already... I ended up in second place in the game, but it didnt even matter after all.
It was definately a different day, but one i enjoyed tremendously, and hope to be repeating something similar in the future to come.
Who knows? Tomorrow is a new day. Anything can happen.

Monday, October 4, 2010

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Tacky party on saturday

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Going to a tacky party

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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Typical Saturday lunching in Morumbi in an amazing restaurant called Inside. The decoration is amaaazing! The food is delicious!
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Friday, September 24, 2010

The week flew by me

As today is friday, I think its time to reflect over the past week to remember all the moments, since it passed by in a blink of an eye!
Firstly, school has been a breeze, since some of my teachers didn't show up for class, and I rarely had homework.. But unfortunately, I have my IGCSE English as a 2nd Language Oral exam in about 2 hours, which I'm really nervous for!!
On tuesday, I had a community service trip, and we could come in casual clothes to school. That was a relief!! And we also missed half the school day to play with little kids, so it was fantastic.
Wednesday came as a surprise when I went over to spend the night at my father's house and received the exciting news that one of my best friends, turning 20, and her family would come over for dinner. It was an awesome night.
Thursday I had a dinner party at my uncle's house for my youngest cousin's 14th birthday. It was amaaazing; a really light and fun evening.
Today, I was invited to join and I think robbie beetroot is gonna sleep over... The night's a child, hahahaha!!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Homemade dinner

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunrise at my farm with Gabriel

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Arriving at my beautiful farm

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The camp I'm living in

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Going to the party on Saturday...

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Yesterday was absolutely CRAZY!! I went to two parties, and both were great... From my friends' house, to the first party and then to the second, all in a rush. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long at the first party because the birthday girl of the second party was more my friend...
The first party, we arrived in 3, and both birthday girls were gorgeous in long white dresses as proper debutantes. Since the girls were from my school, naturally I knew almost everyone who was there, because I probably pass by those people every day in the school corridors. We had to wait about 10 minutes outside the door while the 2 girls finished taking some pictures with other guests. We were out in the cold, dying with anticipation to get in, but that was part of the fun. The party hadn't even practically started by the time we had left, because we had to arrive at the other one before midnight to watch some of our friends, 15 couples, dance the Waltz. But nevertheless, the atmosphere was great, and the place was beautifully decorated.
When we arrived at the second party, the line of carrs to get in the party was so extensive, that my 3 friends and I jumped off the car, without a minute to spare, and triend to run in our high heels to get to the club where the party was being held.
Thankfully, we arrived there just in time to see the walts which was beautiful. The birthday girl was stunning in a one shoulder backless dress, and she was extremely happy.
The music was great, playing all of the hits, and almost all the people I wanted to see were there. All in all, it was a teriffic night, full of joy from everywere. It ran so smoothly that the night passed in the blink of an eye and soon, I found myself crashing on my bed, sound asleep.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yogurberry with Cami Kann

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This last weekend in Campos do Jordao, a 2 hour drive from Sao Paulo was magical. It was everytbing I needed to relax, get my sleep bacl, and put mysekf together. These past weeks have been so chaotic, with school and everything, that I didn't even have time to breathe, so it was good to take some time off. Even though we went on saturday and came back on sunday. It was all worth it. We were so wrecked that we didn't even leave the house we were at, which belongs to my sister's godmother. We didn't even need to! Afterall, we had all we needed right there, and with a house that size, there was nothing else to want! I came back reinvigorated, and glad to have been on this weekend getaway, although we missed the Promenade Chandon 2010. It was super worth it!
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

And the show begings with Xuxa performing...

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More beautiful models...

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Backstage with the lovely model Renata Kuerten

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Backstage with model Isabel Goulart

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Winter in Sao Paulo

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Just a part of lunch...

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stunt Night

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Excursion to the Glacier

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The Brazilians

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Excursion to Lausanne ISCM 2010

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Archery at ISCM

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I'm back and better

After so much waiting, I finally got to go to the Summer Camp I waited to go to for a long time... And it was everything I wished for and so much more! Now that its over I look back and think of it as the best vacation of my life. I met so many interesting people from all over the world, it will be hard to keep up with them. I made really good friends which I'm sure will last a lifetime, even though they all live in other parts of the world, all around, and not even one who lives in Brazil, except the friends which I actually went to camp with. One of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life was to say goodbye to all those friends. After having spent 3 weeks seeing them every day enjoying the discos, the excursions to other cities, the day activities, which were mainly sports, and many other things as such, I couldn't bear the thought that some of those wonderfull people, I would never see again... It took me a week after I got back from camp only to be able to look at the pictures from camp, because it was too hard, remembering all of those glorious days.
To camp, I went with 3 other brazilian friends, and the days passed by in a blur as we went from activity to activity.
From volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf football and archery to yoga, arts & crafts, horseback riding, mountainbiking, river rafting, swimming, and circus to french, english or spanish class during the day, we had all we could ever want at International Summer Camp Montana. At night, it was another story... We had disco's twice a week, where we would dress up in our beast outfits and dance our feet off. Naturally we brazilians were the ones who dominated the dancefloor, not afraid to express ourselves through the good music and dancing... When we weren't busy with that at night, we had many other activities the other days: movie night, vegas night, stunt night, fashion show, open activities, the price is right, and many more... Not to mention the full day excursions we had, like overnight, were we slept in a mountain hut, and had to hike for 4 hours to reach our destination. We also had excursions to other bigger cities, this time it was to Lausanne, where I got the third hole on my left done, and where we went to the Olympic Museum, and to Montreux, where the Jazz Festival is held... Both towns were amazing, and they were right on lake Geneva, but both far away from each other... We also went to a water park, Aqua Park, the day we went to Montreux. The day the groups went river rafting, it was a whole day excursion but is was good fun, pushing people into the water and having water fights and all, to bad the water was freezing. We also went to the glacier all the way up the mountain, where we all slid on the snow and we could be up there with only a t-shirt on... We had to hike part of the way down, and we cooked our lunch on the way.
The people arrangements at camp were very organized: people from different ages were separated into 3 categories, Juniors, the youngest ones, from 8 to about 10, the Pioneers from 11 to 13 and the Seniors from 14 to 17. The groups were separated into boys and girls, of these, which varied from about 8 to 10 people, and each group had their own counsellor who accompanied us to every activity which we had to do in our groups. Our schedule was perfect: wake up at 8:15 by our counsellor, get rooms cleaned, breakfast at 9 where we had to sit in our groups, first activity at 9:50, second and third activity after that, each one 50 minutes long, and then we had lunch at 1:15, siesta from 2 to 3, then fourth activity from 3 to 3:50 and the fifth and last activity from 4 to 4:50... Each day as 5 we had a meeting with the head counsellor for the Seniors which ranged from 14 to 17, where he would say what activities were available to do from 5 to 7 if you wanted, or you could choose to go to town, which was about 5 minutes away by foot. You also had the option of not doing anything during that period... At 7:40 dinner was served and straight after that, we had the night's activity. Bed was usually around 10:30, with the exception of the disco nights, which we were allowed to stay with our friends until 11:15.
This was a special year, the 50th summer of Camp Montana, and I know for sure that this was a magical summer for me, one I will not ever forget. Its all about sports and peace ISCM 2010.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Policia Federal

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I never thought this day would actually come; the day when I leave for Switzerland with 3 of my great friends to spend 3 weeks having the best time of my life at Summer Camp... Excited and nervous don't even begin to describe what I feel! 3 weeks of freedom... After wanting it so badly I can't believe its now right in front of me. Now that its here it will end so fast, we have to make the best out of each day and live everyday like its our last.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Brazil vs. Portugal

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fufi's Party

On tuesday night, Fufi had her sweet 15 party at the nightclub Mokai complete with everything that she could ever want. All her friends and family gathered up for a fantastic evening to celebrate a very important date in every girl's life, her 15th birthday... I am sure that the party will leave a permanent mark in her memories since she seemed to be having a great time, and it all seemed like everything she ever dreamed of. Fufi looked like a vision in white, which is the custom colour that all debutantes wear on their sweet 15 party, she was glowing. All of the guests seemed to be having a great time, and for me especially, it turned out to be a fantastic night. I was glad I was there to be a part of the wonderful memories of the night and to join in all of the contageous happiness and joy and love that filled the air on that special date.
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Monday, June 14, 2010


My dear friend Vicky put on a bazar to raise money for college this weekend, from friday to sunday, with not only clothes but shoes and bags and much more from all the coolest brands like Chanel and Ralph Lauren to Raya de Goeye and Cris Barros for amazing prices. Since she is a very good friend of mine, i went out to help everyday and i cannot say how glad i am to have seen her work so hard and raise that much money on her own. It was really a huge success and i am very proud of her.
A great number of people showed up and the majority of the clothes were sold, for her delight... There was a bit of everything; cute summer dresses for those travelling to places where the temperatures are elevated, very stylish yet comfortable winter clothes, especially cashemere coats,perfect for the chilly São Paulo winter, lots of great (veludo) pants, tons of colourful scarves and pashminas, a great deal of purses from Chanel and Gucci but also some very different alternative ones which were really nice... The most important thing was that Vicky was happy and that something that she organized all on her own was a huge success and that her hard work paid off in the end.

SPFW Summer 2011 Line Up

15h - Forum Tufi Duek
16h - Erika Ikezili
17h30 - Priscilla Darolt
19h - Rosa Chá
20h15 - Reserva
21h30 - Cia. Marítima

THURSDAY (10.06)
12h30 - Iódice
15h - Ellus
17h - Água de Coco por Liana Thomaz
18h - Alexandre Herchcovitch (fem)
19h - Cori
20h - Osklen
21h15 - Triton

FRIDAY (11.06)
11h - Cavalera
15h30 - Maria Bonita
16h30 - Wilson Ranieri
17h30 - Movimento
18h30 - Simone Nunes
19h30 - Samuel Cirnansck
21h - FH por Fause Haten

SATURDAY (12.06)
13h15 - Reinaldo Lourenço
15h30 - Jefferson Kulig
16h30 - Animale
18h30 - Ana Salazar
20h - Adriana Degreas
21h30 - Lino Villaventura

SUNDAY (13.06)
12h - Do Estilista
14h30 Neon
16h - João Pimenta
17h - Paola Robba
18h - Amapô
19h - Mario Queiroz
21h - Colcci

MONDAY (14.06)
13h15 - Gloria Coelho
16h - Alexandre Herchcovitch (masc)
17h - Ronaldo Fraga
18h - V.Rom
19h - Fernanda Yamamoto
21h - André Lima

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I PASSED ALL OF MY EXAMS!! Im so happy and also relieved, because i
couldn't imagine having to actually study MORE!! from now on, i can
just relax...
Starting from about now, its all fun. This thursday there's Battle if
the Bands at school, my class is going out to dinner on friday with my
teacher, and my friend's Bazar, which im working at from friday to
sunday. Its A LOT to think about, but its all good.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

The sweet Demi Lovato and I

Demi Lovato is really a genuinely nice person. To attend to the number of fans she did and with a smile that big on her face, really shows her passion for her work and how she is 100% dedicated to it.

I asked her who was the person she admired most in the world, and she said "my mom" without a second's hesitation...

I really loved meeting her and can't wait for the show tonight... i know for sure she will blow us all away with her powerful voice.

The view from my new apartment at night

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Todos estão convidados ao Bazar Desprendimento do Closet

Shedule Fashion Rio Spring/Summer 10

* 27/05

16:00 Walter Rodrigues
17:00 Nica Kessler
18:00 Mara Mac
19:30 Salinas
20:30 R.Groove
21:30 Acquastudio

* 28/05

15:00 Redley
17:00 Claudia Simões
19:30 Totem
20:30 Graça Ottoni
21:30 Lenny

* 29/05

16:00 Cantão
18:00 Printing
19:00 Maria Bonita Extra
20:30 Auslander
21:30 Alessa

* 30/05

12:00 Blue Man
16:30 Filhas de Gaia
18:00 Cavendish
19:30 Melk Z-da
20:30 Oestúdio
21:30 TNG

* 31/05

16:00 Giulia Borges
17:00 Patachou
18:00 British Colony
19:00 Juliana Jabour
20:15 Carlos Tufvesson
21:30 Espaço Fashion

* 01/06

16:00 Triya
17:00 Lucas Nascimento
18:30 Andrea Marques
19:30 Téca
20:30 New Order
21:30 Isabela Capeto

Fashion Rio

Fashion Rio starts TODAY in Rio de Janeiro and goes on until the 1st of June. The fabulous event opened with the striking 100% black African-inspired Walter Rodrigues show. His spring/summer colection was also inspired by photographer Hans Sylvester's work. There saw lots of layers of beads on the models.
Still today, shows by Nica Kessler, Mara Mac and Aquastudio as the main attractions...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cupcakes I baked last thursday


I find it SO hard to study for exams, especially for my finals which,
by the way, are in a week. It was a sacrifice for me to lock myself up
this weekend and pour myself over my textbooks. A sudden wave of
panic took over me and made me realize how close my exams really are
and really how well i need to go. Its hard core study sessions from
now on. I doubt i will have time to sleep, and all! I really hope my
efforts pay off... I WILL NEED LOTS OF COFFEE, lots of courage, and a
huge amount of patience.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Box

Friday Night- practically no words to describe how amazing it was. To celebrate Ba's and Le's birthday, almost EVERYONE i knew went out to this club called The Box to party untill dawn. It was fantastic. What happened inside The Box, i can't even begin to tell, but i am sure that everyone who was present there agree it was a night to remember. Nothing could be more right. People were pretty crazy... The girls in skimpy dresses, the boys never empty handed, the music which blocked out all your own thoughts, the right people, the right time... A night where i didn't have to think about all my problems, and just let go.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Fashion day at Shopping Cidade Jardim

When you have a whole Shopping Center for a catwalk you really need
some practice on the runway before you make your appearance and get
caught up on the light of the hundreds of flashing cameras. Well,
that's not the case. And that's how yesterday i ended up supporting
the Hermés models (also known as my extremely nervous unexperienced
friends) before the show. The mall was full of bustling fashionable
people waiting for the several shows throughout the day which featured
looks from all of the stores. The last runway show, which started an
hour late, at about 9 was the most coveted, and it was amazing. Models
swiftly glided across the 3 floor of the mall, up and down escalators;
we were surrounded by beautiful people.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010