Saturday, June 26, 2010

Policia Federal

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I never thought this day would actually come; the day when I leave for Switzerland with 3 of my great friends to spend 3 weeks having the best time of my life at Summer Camp... Excited and nervous don't even begin to describe what I feel! 3 weeks of freedom... After wanting it so badly I can't believe its now right in front of me. Now that its here it will end so fast, we have to make the best out of each day and live everyday like its our last.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Brazil vs. Portugal

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fufi's Party

On tuesday night, Fufi had her sweet 15 party at the nightclub Mokai complete with everything that she could ever want. All her friends and family gathered up for a fantastic evening to celebrate a very important date in every girl's life, her 15th birthday... I am sure that the party will leave a permanent mark in her memories since she seemed to be having a great time, and it all seemed like everything she ever dreamed of. Fufi looked like a vision in white, which is the custom colour that all debutantes wear on their sweet 15 party, she was glowing. All of the guests seemed to be having a great time, and for me especially, it turned out to be a fantastic night. I was glad I was there to be a part of the wonderful memories of the night and to join in all of the contageous happiness and joy and love that filled the air on that special date.
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Monday, June 14, 2010


My dear friend Vicky put on a bazar to raise money for college this weekend, from friday to sunday, with not only clothes but shoes and bags and much more from all the coolest brands like Chanel and Ralph Lauren to Raya de Goeye and Cris Barros for amazing prices. Since she is a very good friend of mine, i went out to help everyday and i cannot say how glad i am to have seen her work so hard and raise that much money on her own. It was really a huge success and i am very proud of her.
A great number of people showed up and the majority of the clothes were sold, for her delight... There was a bit of everything; cute summer dresses for those travelling to places where the temperatures are elevated, very stylish yet comfortable winter clothes, especially cashemere coats,perfect for the chilly São Paulo winter, lots of great (veludo) pants, tons of colourful scarves and pashminas, a great deal of purses from Chanel and Gucci but also some very different alternative ones which were really nice... The most important thing was that Vicky was happy and that something that she organized all on her own was a huge success and that her hard work paid off in the end.

SPFW Summer 2011 Line Up

15h - Forum Tufi Duek
16h - Erika Ikezili
17h30 - Priscilla Darolt
19h - Rosa Chá
20h15 - Reserva
21h30 - Cia. Marítima

THURSDAY (10.06)
12h30 - Iódice
15h - Ellus
17h - Água de Coco por Liana Thomaz
18h - Alexandre Herchcovitch (fem)
19h - Cori
20h - Osklen
21h15 - Triton

FRIDAY (11.06)
11h - Cavalera
15h30 - Maria Bonita
16h30 - Wilson Ranieri
17h30 - Movimento
18h30 - Simone Nunes
19h30 - Samuel Cirnansck
21h - FH por Fause Haten

SATURDAY (12.06)
13h15 - Reinaldo Lourenço
15h30 - Jefferson Kulig
16h30 - Animale
18h30 - Ana Salazar
20h - Adriana Degreas
21h30 - Lino Villaventura

SUNDAY (13.06)
12h - Do Estilista
14h30 Neon
16h - João Pimenta
17h - Paola Robba
18h - Amapô
19h - Mario Queiroz
21h - Colcci

MONDAY (14.06)
13h15 - Gloria Coelho
16h - Alexandre Herchcovitch (masc)
17h - Ronaldo Fraga
18h - V.Rom
19h - Fernanda Yamamoto
21h - André Lima

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I PASSED ALL OF MY EXAMS!! Im so happy and also relieved, because i
couldn't imagine having to actually study MORE!! from now on, i can
just relax...
Starting from about now, its all fun. This thursday there's Battle if
the Bands at school, my class is going out to dinner on friday with my
teacher, and my friend's Bazar, which im working at from friday to
sunday. Its A LOT to think about, but its all good.

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