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Monday, June 14, 2010


My dear friend Vicky put on a bazar to raise money for college this weekend, from friday to sunday, with not only clothes but shoes and bags and much more from all the coolest brands like Chanel and Ralph Lauren to Raya de Goeye and Cris Barros for amazing prices. Since she is a very good friend of mine, i went out to help everyday and i cannot say how glad i am to have seen her work so hard and raise that much money on her own. It was really a huge success and i am very proud of her.
A great number of people showed up and the majority of the clothes were sold, for her delight... There was a bit of everything; cute summer dresses for those travelling to places where the temperatures are elevated, very stylish yet comfortable winter clothes, especially cashemere coats,perfect for the chilly São Paulo winter, lots of great (veludo) pants, tons of colourful scarves and pashminas, a great deal of purses from Chanel and Gucci but also some very different alternative ones which were really nice... The most important thing was that Vicky was happy and that something that she organized all on her own was a huge success and that her hard work paid off in the end.

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