Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

The sweet Demi Lovato and I

Demi Lovato is really a genuinely nice person. To attend to the number of fans she did and with a smile that big on her face, really shows her passion for her work and how she is 100% dedicated to it.

I asked her who was the person she admired most in the world, and she said "my mom" without a second's hesitation...

I really loved meeting her and can't wait for the show tonight... i know for sure she will blow us all away with her powerful voice.

The view from my new apartment at night

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Todos estão convidados ao Bazar Desprendimento do Closet

Shedule Fashion Rio Spring/Summer 10

* 27/05

16:00 Walter Rodrigues
17:00 Nica Kessler
18:00 Mara Mac
19:30 Salinas
20:30 R.Groove
21:30 Acquastudio

* 28/05

15:00 Redley
17:00 Claudia Simões
19:30 Totem
20:30 Graça Ottoni
21:30 Lenny

* 29/05

16:00 Cantão
18:00 Printing
19:00 Maria Bonita Extra
20:30 Auslander
21:30 Alessa

* 30/05

12:00 Blue Man
16:30 Filhas de Gaia
18:00 Cavendish
19:30 Melk Z-da
20:30 Oestúdio
21:30 TNG

* 31/05

16:00 Giulia Borges
17:00 Patachou
18:00 British Colony
19:00 Juliana Jabour
20:15 Carlos Tufvesson
21:30 Espaço Fashion

* 01/06

16:00 Triya
17:00 Lucas Nascimento
18:30 Andrea Marques
19:30 Téca
20:30 New Order
21:30 Isabela Capeto

Fashion Rio

Fashion Rio starts TODAY in Rio de Janeiro and goes on until the 1st of June. The fabulous event opened with the striking 100% black African-inspired Walter Rodrigues show. His spring/summer colection was also inspired by photographer Hans Sylvester's work. There saw lots of layers of beads on the models.
Still today, shows by Nica Kessler, Mara Mac and Aquastudio as the main attractions...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cupcakes I baked last thursday


I find it SO hard to study for exams, especially for my finals which,
by the way, are in a week. It was a sacrifice for me to lock myself up
this weekend and pour myself over my textbooks. A sudden wave of
panic took over me and made me realize how close my exams really are
and really how well i need to go. Its hard core study sessions from
now on. I doubt i will have time to sleep, and all! I really hope my
efforts pay off... I WILL NEED LOTS OF COFFEE, lots of courage, and a
huge amount of patience.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Box

Friday Night- practically no words to describe how amazing it was. To celebrate Ba's and Le's birthday, almost EVERYONE i knew went out to this club called The Box to party untill dawn. It was fantastic. What happened inside The Box, i can't even begin to tell, but i am sure that everyone who was present there agree it was a night to remember. Nothing could be more right. People were pretty crazy... The girls in skimpy dresses, the boys never empty handed, the music which blocked out all your own thoughts, the right people, the right time... A night where i didn't have to think about all my problems, and just let go.