Friday, April 30, 2010

Fashion day at Shopping Cidade Jardim

When you have a whole Shopping Center for a catwalk you really need
some practice on the runway before you make your appearance and get
caught up on the light of the hundreds of flashing cameras. Well,
that's not the case. And that's how yesterday i ended up supporting
the Hermés models (also known as my extremely nervous unexperienced
friends) before the show. The mall was full of bustling fashionable
people waiting for the several shows throughout the day which featured
looks from all of the stores. The last runway show, which started an
hour late, at about 9 was the most coveted, and it was amazing. Models
swiftly glided across the 3 floor of the mall, up and down escalators;
we were surrounded by beautiful people.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today's Horoscope for Capricorn

No matter what else you have to deal with today, you might find that your mind will keep drifting back to some relationship issues that have been weighing on your mind lately. And you should really try to take some time to go out and enjoy yourself with someone special before the day is through. It could really make you feel a lot better about things right now.

A few financial issues could also end up coming to a head today. You’re bound to find yourself in a fairly positive mood tonight though. And you’ll probably want to enjoy some kind of fun little escape from things if you can.

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Sesame Ball's Birthday Cake

To celebrate her birthday on the 20th. A super sweet 16 to you.
Hehehehe, i hope you enjoyed your surprise party and that this was a
birthday that you will always remember. In the end, all that mattered
was that you were happy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

For Tuesday

Too much too do, so little time.. I wish I could stop time, but then again, who doesn't??? For tomorrow I have an English Coursework, a Portoguese Essay, a Brazillian Geography project due in, a Physics Test, Sesame Ball's birthday (therefore cooking is required) and make a start on my History Essay. Too much?? For Sure. Definitely wont sleep tonight. Dont know how i'll make it through the day tomorrow. Thank God there's no school on Wednesday, due to a holliday... I really needed this day off. Still lots to go. Nothing is fully completed until now. I have a busy night ahead. I'll need all the strength I can get.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Im currently in a car going to my farm unexpectedly, which is 3 hours
away from são paulo.. It was so spontaneous that im shocked an excited
untill now. There's an agriculture fair going on in my farm from this
past wednesday, the 7th to saturday, the 10th... Im so anxious because
last year my whole family drove up there while i stayed at home
studying for m end of year finals in may. There are soooo many things
to do!! My father out of the blue just decided to bring me along with
him this time, only me and him, since i didnt go last time: he said i
had credit.. The bad thing is that there's no phone signal there, so
no communication for 3 days.. Wish me luck! XoXo

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No, we didnt eat too much cake... HAHAHAHA

School Uniform

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Confirmado: Woodstock acontece no Brasil em 2010

"Você que gosta de festivais, está preparado? O lendário festival Woodstock vai ganhar uma nova edição em 2010, e desta vez será no Brasil!

O evento será na Fazenda Maeda, em Itu, cerca de 100 km de São Paulo, nos dias 7, 8 e 9 de outubro. O Virgula confirmou a realização do festival com os responsáveis pelo local, o grupo No Limits, que usam o local para produzir eventos seus como os festivais eletrônicos XXXperience e Tribe.

A iniciativa tomou forma e corpo através de uma colaboração entre os organizadores originais de Woodstock, do empresário Eduardo Fischer (do festival Maquinaria) e Perry Farrel (do Jane's Addiction e organizador do gigante Lollapalooza). Um evento que ficará marcado na história.

Entre as atrações cotadas para o festival estão Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam e Limp Bizkit. Segundo informações da A2Media, as bandas Green Day e Linkin' Park já estariam quase confirmadas no evento.

O empresário Fischer ainda divulgou no seu Twitter a seguinte afirmação: "Faltam 30 dias pra você saber de tudo sobre o maior evento de conscientização da sustentabilidade." "

no one can imagine my happiness.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Dinner Party

Went to a dinner party tonight in a little art studio where everyone
was alternative and cool and fashionable hahaha. The live music really
gave it a contemporary mood... Hmmm i love being with different people.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Praia da Baleia

Came back from the beach today, at 3 in the morning straight from the club Bananas. Me, Tinkie, Flunden and Xulin went to this club and suprisingly found lots of friends from São Paulo there, which made it more fun. The music was great, they started by playing some black, and then progressed into disco. We were dancing our asses off in there. Hahaha. Anyway, at about half past 3 we got into the car and drove straight back to São Paulo. We went to sleep when the birds started singing. We were told that after we left Bananas there was a huge fight in which the whole club was involved throwing punches at each other. Thank God we got out of there in time... Can't believe im back in school tomorrow after 2 weeks...