Friday, December 3, 2010


Tomorrow is finally my end of year street dance showcase at Teatro Alfa, the one ive been waiting for since the beginning of the year. Im looking forward to the mgical weekend, like all the other past ones in which i have danced. It is my fifth year dancing at Company Ballet and i dont regret a single second of it.
Im gonna dance a very cool routine to the song Red Alert by Basement Jaxx and i hope everyone that comes to watch enjoys it. The whole show is filled with such a happy energy, full of really talented dancers from tap dance and street dance to classical ballet and contemporary dance. There isnt a specific theme for this year's presentation, but its the 10th year anniversary of Company Ballet, so its gonna be special. I really cant believe its actually here, tomorrow!!!
All the friends i made, all the magic of watching the other dancers, i amaze myself every time. Now that its here, i dont want it to end...
im thinking of starting to do jazz next year, as well as street dance, if i have time...
The bad thing is that this is never gonna repeat itself ever again; im never gonna dance with exactly the same people as i did.
I know that these dancing days will be forever etched in my memory, together with the ones to come.