Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Have the whole week off for easter holliday. I really needed the break, and i'm going to the beach with some friends.. This should be fun...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Banda Cine and I

Me, Paul, and Banda Cine

Nelly Furtado Show

Tonight I went to Nelly Furtado's show in Via Funchal with Flunden,
Tinkie, Paul, Xulin, Isa, Giu and Ma. It was insaaaane. The best part
wa the aftershow where we partied like NOBODY'S business. Everyone was
looking at us, especially when we got up on stage and got LOW!!
Hahahhahahaa. We were mixing with the DJ an all... Not mentioning
TEQUILA BOOM BOOM.. heading home now, no more partying.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dinner Table


Dinner in Brasilia out with Caio's and Marina's uncles.. Thank God we
didnt eat at the hotel, i needed some good food. Great music great
food great people. Hmmmm, wish i dint have to go back, but it has to
happen sooner or later. Tinkie, Maju, Isa, Ma, Caio, Pat, Alves and I
well hit the floor later.. The music is tok good to waste. This is how
i wanna remember Brasilia


Queen of Sweeden

Okay.. I took a shitty picture of the queen of sweeden...

Congresso Nacional

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eduardo Suplicy

Listening to a speech by senador Eduardo Suplicy in our hotel... The
first half hour was enlightening, the other hour and a half not so
much... Listening to nonsensical topics being lectured really does
take its toll on me; im on the brink of sleep. At least the room is 10
paces away.

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Spending the week in Brasilia, the capital of Brasil with school...
Research is the last thing on our minds. 70 people partying like
nobody's business. I wanna se who's the one thats gonna try to stop
us... Unfortunately, its now rainin on our second day... but that's
not gonna stop me from piercing the 3rd hole on my ear, even though
there's gonna be some delay in axtually getting to the location. What
a memorable trip this will be...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mish, i sure as hell M gona miss you. School won't be the same without
you. How will i survive Morgana?!?!?? At least your're not changing
cities! So, see you around...


Michael's last day of school... Very sad.

Ferg and Tinkie

"sir, hold your ball!" HAHAHAHA

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yale Spizzwinks(?)

The Yale Spizzwinks(?)

The extremely talented Yale Spizzwinks(?) came to school to sing to us today. They are an all males a capella group who have toured around the world to share a bit of their expertise. They enchanted our school with their perfectly harmonized voices and blew us all away. I'm very glad we had the pleasure of watching them perform and I really think that if somewone gets a chance to watch them, do it without thinking twice. The bonus part is that we got to meet them as well as learn some enlightening singing techniques while they were incredibly nice and kind, really interacting with us. It was an excellent opportunity and I wish we can do this again soon.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sesame Balls & me

BFF even if my dog dies.. Hihihi

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Day

"All of my tears will air dry with just a little time" thats how i
feel right now, Teddy Geiger's Air Dry describes it perfectly... Im
soo frustrated and sad. There are some things which dont affect me,
but there are some small thinks that really mess with me. Im having
one of those bad days where the details matter the most and are
exactly what is bothering me.

After 6 hours of party...

From left:
Cunha, Robbie Beetroot, Zozo, Lica



From left to right:
Flunden, Robbie Beetroot, Xulin, Me, Lica, Tinkie and Debs

Flunden ans Sesame Balls

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Bia's party today at her house was amazing. Everything was impecable;
from the music to the people... It was a different kind of party which
started at 4:30 in the afternoon and went on into the night.. Everyone
was at ease, no one had to worry about anything. There was no
dresscode, which was a relief; everyone felt comfortable. Watching Bia
have the tipe of her life with everyone she most cared about was
really special. The party was inspired in Bahia, and Jammil, a singer
from Bahia performed at her party; it was incredible. Everyone danced
their asses off, and I doubt that anyone can say anything bad about
this party... Congratulations Bia, your party was the best of the year
so far... Im glad you loved it and that it was everything you dreamed
of, you deserve it.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010



About to do my mother's makeup for a big party that she has tonight.. Ill be doing something that i love, plus she's gonna pay me!! hope it she promotes it too.


Why does my sister's tennis instructor have to be sooo much hotter than mine??? in fact mine's not hot AT ALL, although he's very nice.. I had the pleasure of playing a match with him today, which i won, Hahahaaha. can't wait for next tuesday.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Seriously, I think that everyone should watch Skins... its the best f*ing TV show ever. Its a bit heavy on the contents, but thats what makes it so fun.. I love all of the characters. It makes me wanna wish i was there!


This week is so quiet  im finding it strange!!! Nothing unordinary is happening and im a bit sick of it. Come on!! Something, happen! Haha. As if... Heading 2 my Street Dance class now. Hmmm im counting the minutes untill i see my favourite guy ballet dancer, whatever we call these. He's gorgeous plus he dances well, and all kinds of dance too. I have an absolutely childish crush on him, but I DONT CARE!!! Too bad i dont talk to him that much. Its the standard " hi, how are you?" "im fine and you" "im ok" urgh..  Cow can i get past this??   Now im frustrated

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hmmmm.. so the winners for the 82nd Annual Oscar Nominations were surprising!! I hoped that George Clooney would win for actor in a leading role and that Meryl Streep would win for Julie & Julia. Cant believe that The Hurt Locker won so many Oscars! Everyone was gorgeous, of course, as always... So jealous of the after-parties! Well, we cant all get what we want. Wouldn't it be good...


Bright new day, bright new beginning. People call me Florins. Sao Paulo, the city of lights, is where everything happens. I have so much to say about the life that goes on around me that I want to tell everyone about it. I love music, books and fashion, but i cant say everything about myself. Afterall, what fun would that be?? Enjoy everyone. Beijos.