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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This week is so quiet  im finding it strange!!! Nothing unordinary is happening and im a bit sick of it. Come on!! Something, happen! Haha. As if... Heading 2 my Street Dance class now. Hmmm im counting the minutes untill i see my favourite guy ballet dancer, whatever we call these. He's gorgeous plus he dances well, and all kinds of dance too. I have an absolutely childish crush on him, but I DONT CARE!!! Too bad i dont talk to him that much. Its the standard " hi, how are you?" "im fine and you" "im ok" urgh..  Cow can i get past this??   Now im frustrated

1 comment:

  1. I actually enjoy it when it isnt all sex lies and scandals, you know? when things are actually norrmal.. but yeah, when the storm comes, you'll miss the bright sunny ordinary days. hahah love you. btw, lfe is pretty average for me this week asweell.. xx robbiebeet