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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm back and better

After so much waiting, I finally got to go to the Summer Camp I waited to go to for a long time... And it was everything I wished for and so much more! Now that its over I look back and think of it as the best vacation of my life. I met so many interesting people from all over the world, it will be hard to keep up with them. I made really good friends which I'm sure will last a lifetime, even though they all live in other parts of the world, all around, and not even one who lives in Brazil, except the friends which I actually went to camp with. One of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life was to say goodbye to all those friends. After having spent 3 weeks seeing them every day enjoying the discos, the excursions to other cities, the day activities, which were mainly sports, and many other things as such, I couldn't bear the thought that some of those wonderfull people, I would never see again... It took me a week after I got back from camp only to be able to look at the pictures from camp, because it was too hard, remembering all of those glorious days.
To camp, I went with 3 other brazilian friends, and the days passed by in a blur as we went from activity to activity.
From volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf football and archery to yoga, arts & crafts, horseback riding, mountainbiking, river rafting, swimming, and circus to french, english or spanish class during the day, we had all we could ever want at International Summer Camp Montana. At night, it was another story... We had disco's twice a week, where we would dress up in our beast outfits and dance our feet off. Naturally we brazilians were the ones who dominated the dancefloor, not afraid to express ourselves through the good music and dancing... When we weren't busy with that at night, we had many other activities the other days: movie night, vegas night, stunt night, fashion show, open activities, the price is right, and many more... Not to mention the full day excursions we had, like overnight, were we slept in a mountain hut, and had to hike for 4 hours to reach our destination. We also had excursions to other bigger cities, this time it was to Lausanne, where I got the third hole on my left done, and where we went to the Olympic Museum, and to Montreux, where the Jazz Festival is held... Both towns were amazing, and they were right on lake Geneva, but both far away from each other... We also went to a water park, Aqua Park, the day we went to Montreux. The day the groups went river rafting, it was a whole day excursion but is was good fun, pushing people into the water and having water fights and all, to bad the water was freezing. We also went to the glacier all the way up the mountain, where we all slid on the snow and we could be up there with only a t-shirt on... We had to hike part of the way down, and we cooked our lunch on the way.
The people arrangements at camp were very organized: people from different ages were separated into 3 categories, Juniors, the youngest ones, from 8 to about 10, the Pioneers from 11 to 13 and the Seniors from 14 to 17. The groups were separated into boys and girls, of these, which varied from about 8 to 10 people, and each group had their own counsellor who accompanied us to every activity which we had to do in our groups. Our schedule was perfect: wake up at 8:15 by our counsellor, get rooms cleaned, breakfast at 9 where we had to sit in our groups, first activity at 9:50, second and third activity after that, each one 50 minutes long, and then we had lunch at 1:15, siesta from 2 to 3, then fourth activity from 3 to 3:50 and the fifth and last activity from 4 to 4:50... Each day as 5 we had a meeting with the head counsellor for the Seniors which ranged from 14 to 17, where he would say what activities were available to do from 5 to 7 if you wanted, or you could choose to go to town, which was about 5 minutes away by foot. You also had the option of not doing anything during that period... At 7:40 dinner was served and straight after that, we had the night's activity. Bed was usually around 10:30, with the exception of the disco nights, which we were allowed to stay with our friends until 11:15.
This was a special year, the 50th summer of Camp Montana, and I know for sure that this was a magical summer for me, one I will not ever forget. Its all about sports and peace ISCM 2010.
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