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Friday, September 24, 2010

The week flew by me

As today is friday, I think its time to reflect over the past week to remember all the moments, since it passed by in a blink of an eye!
Firstly, school has been a breeze, since some of my teachers didn't show up for class, and I rarely had homework.. But unfortunately, I have my IGCSE English as a 2nd Language Oral exam in about 2 hours, which I'm really nervous for!!
On tuesday, I had a community service trip, and we could come in casual clothes to school. That was a relief!! And we also missed half the school day to play with little kids, so it was fantastic.
Wednesday came as a surprise when I went over to spend the night at my father's house and received the exciting news that one of my best friends, turning 20, and her family would come over for dinner. It was an awesome night.
Thursday I had a dinner party at my uncle's house for my youngest cousin's 14th birthday. It was amaaazing; a really light and fun evening.
Today, I was invited to join and I think robbie beetroot is gonna sleep over... The night's a child, hahahaha!!
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